Longxiang Mixed-use Development, Hangzhou

Project Introduction:

The development is proposed to realise a mixed-use center with service, commercial and office area, integrated with the MTR station. The development is split across two seperate plots, which can be constructed independantly, but are read as part of a single identity. The lower part of development comprises of low level buildings, sympathetic in material and scale to the local venacular. Specifically, the proposed retail blocks to the north of the site share a similar finish and human scale to the protected buildings along Xueshi Road. On entering this network of low level buildings a series of intimate alleys and green spaces provide a moment of respite from the busy surroundings. To ensure flexibility of the retail spaces connectivity is provided between each building at ground and basement levels as well as at the upper floors with a series of skybridges.

Floating above the retail plinth are two office towers, which are read together as a dynamic landmark feature. The facade is sculpted and angled to minimise the loss of natural light to the retail areas below and the surrounding environment. The resultant undulating form has the movement of a dragon, with the pronounced framing to the glazing symbolising the creatures textured skin. These towers help provide the site with a striking indentity which draws reference from the local culture.