Concept Planning for Eleventh Street Mixed Use Development in Tianjia,Panjin

Project Introduction:

The project consists of the shopping street along 11th Street and the residential functions at the both sides. The planning design tries to carry out the holistic community concept, emphasizing the completeness and consistency of residential space and function, forming a good interaction with functions like commercial, public services, etc. The project has spatial characteristics as following:
1. Continues commercial interface: Through centralized business, commercial podiums, office windows, and so on, to form continues commercial atmosphere along the 11th Avenue.
2. Stress on high-rises: through functions of star hotel, centralized residential building, training centre, office, etc., forming the high-rise landmark.
3. Diverse internal street designs: In the functional zones like commercial, office and entertainment, large span and enclosure internal street forms are continuously used to ensure comfort of commercial activities. In residential and apartment blocks, forms of corridor sequences and closed external passages are used to ensure the exterior cold weather is kept away, and at the same time take care of the requirement of ventilation, lighting and reasonable budget control.
4. Positive backstreet design: Comprehensively consider the functions along the circulation, arranging the backstage area by sections and the residential parking lots along the backstreet.