Hotel and Casino Architectural Design of Cantho City

Project Introduction:

We create 2 artificial islands with using the existing soil including a casino island and a leisure island. The casino island, we focus the surrounding views to our two towers, which will be the highest buildings in the surround, like a lighthouse. Connected to the new city centre and the leisure Island, it will round up the special experience of being in Can Tho. For the Design, the image of an stranded Sailboat on a lonely Island was crucial in resulting in our special Shape. The two towers, which are the big sails of the boat, are topping the Casino Podium. The Leisure Island As we do with the Casino Island, this is the second part of the project, which is needed to have a perfect uniformity in design language and atmosphere. Everywhere and anytime the visitor will discover something new, something he has never seen before.

Between both Islands and the Can Tho City mainland, this is the connecting point within the site. Compared to the Casino Island, we follow the horizontal direction like a wave in the sea. This dynamic and unique style allows functional flexibility, because the roof becomes an extension layer of the Island, with its experiences and open view.