Abu Dhabi Villa Masterplan

Project Introduction:

The project is located in the most south side of al Asin City, and the majority part of the site is desert. The project is expected to provide service for the population of 150,000, among which, more than 90% is provided for the government. The goal of the project is: developing the planning area into a town and increase the living quality of local residents and immigrates; under the restricted condition of the environment, making a self-sufficient city; establishing the low-carbon standard that is suitable for this district.

Morphological Innovation: Grow from the topography texture and culture context into the unique texture of the site. District Functional Interaction: Fully consider the effect from the west-side industry, pressure from north side residential growth and benefit consideration for archaeology tourism from east side, and decide the land use and planning structure.

Sustainable planning: Carry out the relevant techniques from aspects like transportation, water management, power and carbon emission, waste disposal, air quality, noise, adjustment to climate change, biology and ecology diversity, and so on.